We offer many tuning and removal solutions. Good and tested professional solutions keep us trusted between our customers. Many dealers across Europe choose our service.

We have much experience and we can develop custom software. Some of our services:

Solutions Development

In the situation where all others give up, we never stop! If you can't find right solution for your car just ask us and we will make the best to find and developt right solution for you!

Cars, Vans, Trucks, Boats, Tractors

We can offer remapping for mostly any vehicle. No matter what you have - we will offer the best possible power increase and best fuel consumption.


We have done many manual solutions to disable SCR - systems (AdBlue) on cars, vans, trucks and tractors.

Gearbox Remapping

We have great experience in DSG gearboxes tuning. Our software makes gearbox to shift faster, increase in torque. Other modifications are possible also.

Custom Made Solutions

We developed our chip tuning files on dyno. This means that all result is realistic, gives you much more power and torque and is fully safe for your car. We offer Eco-tuning, Stage 1, 2 tuning software.


We have solutions to disable these systems from your vehicle.

DPF/FAP Solutions

Our manual solutions for DPF/FAP delete guarantee that you will never face any problems after removing this system from the vehicle.

Special Solutions

We have many special tuning options, like a Launch control, Rev limiter, Vmax off, BMW sports display calibration, Immo off etc.
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